Atelier V1

The new form of luxury. Atelier steps into the fashion scene with a different and innovative touch. Fusing a touch of mystery, exquisite designs, and the highest quality of leather to create timeless and striking bags. Itís time to get to know the brand changing the luxury game. Dreamed up by a designer who wishes to remain nameless, Atelier V1 is a fashion powerhouse anomaly. The mystery also comes to mask the identity of a behind the scenes industry icon, who has spent years with some of fashionís biggest names. Luxury brands, manufacturing experience, and connections with some of Italyís best tanneries are the secret cocktail to Atelier V1ís gorgeous bags. Everlasting pieces made of the best quality and materials that Italy has to offer. A high-end luxury product that avoids the fuss of advertisement and traditional distribution routes. Atelier V1 has decided to invest in itself to be able to provide luxury with a new concept of essential distribution. Itís time to change the way we envision luxury.

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