House of Florence

Behind every product in fashion there is tradition, history and culture. The collection from the House of florence-which is celebrating ten years of activity-is the fruit of a long cultural path. Roberto Gucci - founder and president - following the history and tradition of Florentine entrepreneurial families, has created House of Florence by combining the competence and the passion of his entire family. House of Florence develops lines in leather for men and women, scarves, ties and accessories. The creations of the House of Florence are fashioned in strictly handcrafted productions. Every product is accurately controlled through all its stages of work long before its distribution.The hides utilized in this creation have been tanned with natural products. The resultant veining and variations of color are distinctive characteristics of the material and therefore preserved thanks to the lack of anti-humidity treatments. It is important to preserve the hide in the event of rain or exposure from other sources of dampness or vapor.

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