Jil Sander

Jil Sander popularizes the minimalist aesthetic of the nineties to become the symbol for lux purity. Her designs vary from austere and androgynous to a more feminine appeal while adhering to the minimalist perspective through the decades.

The Story

Jil Sander began selling her designs in Germany, and in 1973 launched the namesake women's ready-to-wear line known today for their iconic handbags and shoes. The unique principles of the brand appear prominently in the accessories, rich in both quality materials and in craftsmanship.

This Season

Lucie and Luke Meier step into the new season with the minimal essentialist. In line with the brandís DNA each accessory was intelligent and refined. Exquisite tailoring and functionality radiate in the new collection. Everyday life motifs are given a luxe revamp created for the true sartorial lovers. Dyed fabrics and materials bring a pop of vivid color to timeless staples.

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