Makuti's line of graphic and modern jewelry pieces are inspired by the clean lines and oriental traditions of Japan combined with the impeccable detail of Italian craftsmanship and design. The name 'Makuti' was taken from a dark brown wood recognized for its incredible beauty and used to build roofs in many East-Asian countries. In fact, the Makuti line intertwines diverse natural elements such as ebony, mother of pearl, and diamonds with man-made metals like stainless steel uniting nature and modern fashion in a unique and captivating way.The line was started by Sandro and Mirco Zoppini, a father and son duo with a long family history in the jewelry business. Together, their creativity and passion has produced a line that exudes mystery and spirituality with strong, minimalist designs that also transmit a bold sensuality. In June 2005 they teamed up with Mirco's cousins, Mauro and Manuel Zoppini, owners of the well known brand, Zoppini Firenze and formed MPF Group Srl that now distributes both brands.

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