Paolo Frascarelli is not just the founder and owner of Manieri Belts, he is also the designer of his own collections. Paolo Frascarelli draws his inspiration, his innovating ideas and passion from this cultural and artistic heritage and combines skins, metals, buckles, a particular working process balancing craftsmanship and modern technology to his already confirmed experience in the sector. The new collection attracts the attention of the public with a choice of over 200 models with a vast range of belts for men and women, from the more classic designs to the more contemporary ones, to casual. Manieri Belts distinguishes itself not just for the high quality of the materials used and for its keen capacity to keep up with Italian and world fashion trends, but also for the relationship between value and money, all elements that have made Manieri a leader brand for twenty years in the Italian, European and world.

New collection coming soon