Charbel Abou Zeidan, multifaceted artistic director with 15 years experience in couture & ready-to-wear, meets brutalist building with striking octogonal windows. He falls in love. The muse has spoken. Starry eyed creatives meet brutalist building with striking octogonal windows. They fall in love. The muse has spoken.Creative team comes together. Itís instant chemistry, sparking an atmosphere of refined boldness. With diverse backgrounds, they are united by their passion for art and fashion.Infused by brutalist architecture and the spirit of the Ď60s. A perfect combination of aesthetics and pragmatism. The octangle is its heart, emerging through every custom-made detail: monogram, buckles, strap details, flap curves, octangle- shaped mirror. Functional modularity becomes Octogonyís defining characteristic. Several volumes of bags accompanied by their very own secondary bags and accessories. Customized with a choice of straps. High quality materials, timeless design, and second-life construction situate the brand in the humble luxury segment.

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