Tagliamonte can be considered the only manufacturer in the world producing Venetian Cameo and Intaglio jewelry by molding vitreous pastes and stamping thin 18K gold sheets with the use of a rich collection of original matrices of classical iconographic subjects. Each piece must be considered exclusive and unique, because it’s completely hand-made with a traditional production technique and for the antique matrices used that are real art pieces dating back to the 18th century.Tagliamonte was founded in Torre del Greco (Naples) in 1943 but then moved to Vicenza -one of the most famous gold districts in Northern Italy. The Classics Collection is a sophisticated line that uses Hellenic mythological subjects that continue to live in these creations with their original splendor, while in the Marina Collection the jewels are created with Venetian glass symbolic elements of naturalistic inspiration, which Nino Tagliamonte has reinterpreted in delicate warm and demi-translucent colors for fascinating and breath-taking results.

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