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Forzieri - the world's most coveted luxury shoes and accessories

Forzieri is a luxury avenue of the top designer and fashion houses presented in an exclusive catalog with wide variety of luxuriant items. Forzieri is a luxury dweller shopping heaven focusing on the best Italian and European brands in the categories of Italian shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry and home decor. Forzieri features cutting-edge emerging designers, undiscovered master artisans and iconic fashion houses creating the ultimate world of style, luxury and indulgence.
Born in Florence, Italy, Forzieri embraces the Tuscan culture and atmosphere of vibrant full of character artisan perfection merging the best of two worlds, long standing tradition of quality and craftsmanship and the modern fashionable designs. Today Forzieri is a world-class online luxurious boutique of Italian shoes for men and women, handbags, watches and sunglasses present in more than hundred and fifty countries around the globe. Full of luxurious designer must-haves and fashionable masterpieces Forzieri provides a unique high-end shopping experience that will thrill the jet-setters and fashionistas all over the world.

Designer bags 2017

Top selection of designer handbags in most astonishing seasonal styles gathered in exclusive selection of designer handbags from iconic fashion brands in a fascinating variety of styles. Fashionable and stylish clutches, hobo bags, totes and many others. Choose your favorite designer handbag.

Designer Shoes Online

Best designer shoes online picks from the top designers. Exquisite and extravagant selection of the most elegant and unique designer shoes online. Step into the stylish fashionable creations from the top magnificently creative brands and experience the luxurious feel and look.

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Designer Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses are not just a great eyes protection from sun but also a powerful fashion statement. Designer sunglasses are one of the most important fashion accessories for a stylish outfit no matter what the occasion or the weather is.

Designer watches

Designer watches for men and women in exclusive selection of the most luxurious and stylish designs. Explore the exquisite selection of the most magnificent and timeless creations of designer watches and choose your wrist adoring time piece.