Size Guide


How to measure for men's shirts

Measuring Tips

As a general rule, the number of inches measured will equal your size. In order to measure correctly, be sure to measure your body and not over shirts. Only Neck and Sleeve measurements are necessary for shirt sizing.

A) NECK - Take a shirt with a collar that fits you well. Lay collar flat, and measure from center of collar button to far end of buttonhole. This length in inches is your neck size.

B) SLEEVE - With arm bent at 90 degrees, place hand on hip. Start at center of the back of your neck and measure across the shoulder to the elbow then down to the wrist.

Dress Shirt sizes

  S M L XL XXL (Big & Tall)
Neck 14" 1/2 15" 15" 1/2 15" 3/4 16" 16" 1/2 17" 17" 1/2 18" 18" 1/2 19"
Sleeve 34" 34-35" 35" 35-36" 36" 36" 36-37" 37" 37-38" 38" 38"

About Forzieri Shirts

Fitting type: regular/easy-fit
Please note, the Amalfi line has a bit tighter fitting: 1.5" less on chest and 0.8" less on waist compared to the Portofino line.

About Bagutta Shirts

Fitting type: regular/easy-fit