Forzieri Points

What are Forzieri-Points?

F-Points are our way of showing you our appreciation for shopping at FORZIERI. You earn points for every purchase made at FORZIERI. Once you accumulate enough F-Points, you can redeem them for your favorite products on Forzieri's online catalog. The more points you have, the more gifts you earn.

Raspberry Dream Rewards Exotic Fantasy Rewards Chocolate Magic Rewards
Earn 600 Points
Receive $15.00 product value bonus
Earn 1800 Points
Receive $45.00 product value bonus
Earn 3000 Points
Receive $75.00 product value bonus
Earn 1200 Points
Receive $30.00 product value bonus
Earn 2400 Points
Receive $60.00 product value bonus
Earn 3600 Points
Receive $90.00 product value bonus

The Specifics:

How do I earn F-Points?

You earn points for every product purchased on the Forzieri catalog. Points value is assigned to each product by Forzieri editors and value applies equally to all our international markets. There are certain things that won't earn you F-Points, like gifts with purchase, free or promotional products, purchasing gift certificates, gift wrapping, tax and shipping.

How can I spend them?

You can "spend" or redeem F-Points quickly and easily when you shop. Simply log-in and shop as you would normally. When you want to redeem F-Points, click on "Redeem F-Points" on the Shopping Bag page. Make sure you are logged into your account first or your F-Points won't be shown in your shopping bag. Through your "MyAccount" section, you can always check your balance and see what rewards you qualify for.

Keeping track

Your F-Points page is always easily accessible from the MyAccount page -- simply go to the MyAccount page and log in. It tells you your balance based on the last order shipped to you. Please be aware that balance will be credited once your purchase has been shipped out. Each time you redeem your F-Points we will subtract the points from your account instantly.

Do I have points already?

Great news. FORZIERI valued customers have been accumulating F-Points with each purchase they've made since F-Points were introduced on FORZIERI (December 5th 2002). Log in and check your balance today.

What if I change my mind after making an order with F-Points?

If you change your mind about using your F-Points award before you get to "checkout", don't worry, we'll put them right back in your account. However, once you've placed an order using F-Points, we can no longer credit your F-Points account. Should you decide to return your F-Points award product, you may exchange it for another product or ask for a refund, but we cannot refund the points you spent.

What if I buy a product without using F-Points and decide to return it? What happens to the points I earned?

When you return a product for a credit, you also return the F-Points. Your balance will be deducted accordingly.

They're just for you

Sorry -- F-Points are non-transferable. You, and you alone, can spend them. But, of course, you can use them to buy a gift for someone else!

The past is past

Remember, products bought at FORZIERI before F-Points were introduced do not qualify for points credit.

Nothing lasts forever

While F-Points have a very generous shelf life, they will expire at the end of the year after you earn them. (For example, any points earned in the year 2025 will expire December 31, 2026.) So use them early and often!

The fine print

F-Points aren't currency and have no actual cash value. FORZIERI reserves the right to change the structure of the program or to discontinue it at any time. Program abuses or fraud will involve suspension of a shopper's right to participate in the program.